Phlegm, Dampness And Chinese Medicine

Internal Dampness & Phlegm

Dampness and phlegm are accumulations that take place in the physique that might make us really feel ‘phlegmy’ or just heavy and tired. When our eating plan is out of sync with our physique, our thoughts is operating overtime, or when the climate is really damp and humid, we have a tendency to turn out to be stagnant with damp and phlegm.

Dampness is typically deemed a thicker/heavier viscosity than phlegm, nevertheless might be much less clear in physical indicators. Dampness is sensed in the heaviness of the physique and fogginess of considering, and can be observed in the tongue coat.

Phlegm is thinner and manifests in a runny nose or wet form of cough.

Symptoms of Dampness & Phlegm

· Foggy head

· Poor memory

· Difficulty waking up in the morning

· Low power, particularly right after consuming

· Loose Stool

· Poor concentration

· Leucorrhoea

· Wet-pustulent skin circumstances

Indicators of Dampness & Phlegm

· Swollen tongue with teeth marks

· White coating on tongue

· Runny nose, particularly right after greasy/dairy meals

· Slippery pulse

One particular of the indicators of dampness is a thick tongue coating and swelling of the tongue physique. In some cases the coating of the tongue is really thick and white, particularly in individuals that consume a lot of dairy such as yoghurt and milk. These individuals frequently also scrape the coating of their tongue as it is so thick! This does not treat the root of the damp issue, just removes 1 of the indicators.

Damp and phlegm accumulate for a handful of distinctive motives. We can initially break the causes down into two categories: Internal and External routes.

Internally damp/phlegm might accumulate due to:

1. Overthinking/pressure major to a deficiency of the spleen qi (digestive power) which cannot cope with all the damp foods getting ingested, therefore major to a sluggish digestion.

2. Poor eating plan. Also a lot dairy, greasy, oily, fatty, sweet, cold, raw and wealthy natured foods.

Externally damp/phlegm might accumulate due to:

1. Humid atmosphere. Tropical climate. Air-conditioner blasting on you through a hot day for lengthy periods of time.

two. The two weeks in between every season transform, and particularly the finish of summer time which is deemed the ‘late summer’ or ‘damp’ time of the year when we anticipate dampness to accumulate.

Chinese medicine is primarily based on the five element theory. Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

Each and every element relates to a season, organ, emotion and function and so on. Dampness relates most closely to earth. The earth element relates to late summer time, and the organs of the spleen and stomach.

The job of the spleen and stomach is to convert meals and water to power and the rest to waste. Having said that, occasionally when this technique is run-down and cannot convert points effectively, due to a wealthy eating plan for instance, there is an excess residue left more than that cannot be disposed of effectively referred to as dampness. Chinese medicine also states that when the dampness more than flows from the earth element, it is contained in the metal element this getting the lungs and massive intestine. This can clarify why occasionally we consume greasy fish and chips or a milk shake and get a runny nose, cough or diarrhea.

Dampness is heavy and likes to drain down and out. In some cases it cannot do this as it gets blocked and gluggy. There are a handful of strategies we get rid of damp. Initially we want to cut down the foods that are adding to the issue. Then we want to use herbs and acupuncture to either open the pores of the skin to disperse via sweat, purge via the stool or drain via urination. Then we will strengthen the digestion working with a bland eating plan, exercising, herbs and acupuncture.

Matter and Power

A great way to clarify Chinese medicine and what we contact ‘digestive fire’ is via standard physics principles.

Matter and power. The two basic elements of nature are fire and water. We can refer to these two components as matter (water) and power (fire). Anything is a kind of matter and power, matter getting a extra condensed kind with much less vibration and power as a extra dispersed and insubstantial kind that has very vibrational electrons and protons.

This mentioned, the two are interchangeable life and nature are often moving and altering. We are produced up of matter and we are driven by passion, emotion, will and really like, in this case we can say this is the ‘energy’ or fire that is life. Therefore, we are produced up of matter, driven by power. But what fuels this power? Meals, air and water. So we have life, or this ‘inner fire’, and we want to add fuel or wood. What sort of wood would we add to a campfire?

What burdens the digestive fire?

When we want to make a great fire, we want great, light and dry wood like kindling. We notice when we place green sticks on the fire it smokes and dulls the fire. Likewise, if we place a massive log of wet wood on the fire, we’re most likely to extinguish it entirely.

The spleen and stomach like dry, light meals. Therefore heavy, oily, greasy, raw and dense foods are not the sort of factor to strengthen an currently weak digestion. It is like throwing a huge heavy wet log on a compact fire. Goodbye fire!

We want to commence with simply digestible grains and foods that are cooked effectively and not overly processed. This is our kindling.

Foods to cut down dampness & return digestive fire

Cooked complete grains: Rice, Oats, Barley, Rye, Millet, Quinoa, Pearl Barley, Buckwheat, Amaranth, Corn

Veggies: Beans (if you can tolerate from the gas), celery, pumpkin, turnip, alfalfa, leafy greens

Meat/Protein: Tiny amounts of effectively cooked (even slow cooked/stewed) are great and damp draining. Beef, Lamb, Chicken.

Spices/Herbs: Ginger is terrific to warm the digestive fire, particularly in congee. Cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, paprika, cumin and pepper are all warming to the digestion.

Foods to stay clear of that improve dampness & cut down digestive fire

Fundamentally, also a lot raw, cold, sweet, oily or mucous-forming foods.

Also numerous raw fruits, vegetable, sprouts, juices, cold meals from the fridge, salad, sushi in excess.

Late evening consuming

More than consuming

Not chewing effectively

Processed foods such as pastries, pork, duck, salads, wheat grass, avocados, bananas, tofu, soy milk (soy is 50% fats and oils), eggs, chocolate, ice cream, smoothies, iced water, lassies, dairy.

A raw meals or salad eating plan sounds terrific and cleansing but might not be useful for everybody. A particular person who is really hot, red faced with a robust constitution will advantage a lot, nevertheless a skinny, pale, tired particular person will turn out to be worse. This is all due to their situation, digestive fire, and eating plan.

Additional enhancing digestion and decreasing excess weight

When the digestive fire is decreased and we place in extra of the incorrect foods, we get a left more than residue. This is what we contact dampness. This dampness is power that has turn out to be extra substantial, matter. This left more than matter might be deposited as fat or turn into extra strong matter such as cysts.

Author: Vera S.